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April 12, 2011


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Matt Sarzyniak

Heard that ULM was rushed into the Sun Belt. La. Tech left SBC under less-than-ideal terms (long story) and ULM was called up a few years early. Also why they left their other sports in Southland for a few years before having hand forced to move all sports to SBC.


Most of the people who comment on The News Star website ridicule anything positive that tries to be done anywhere (ULM or otherwise). These people are either Louisiana Tech fans, or LSU fans who never went to college and need something successful to latch on to without actually having to contribute anything to make it happen.

They are the same people who demand improved roads but refuse to pay a .001 percent infrastructure tax.

As far as students go, I can almost guarantee this referendum will pass tomorrow. It just doesn't appear that way because the ones who don't want to pay an extra $98 per semester (or, rather, not get a TOPS refund of that $98 of free money) are much louder whiners.


The ULM Administration is touting this as an Arts Reform and Campus Beautification to sell this to the students. Let's see - $20,000 for campus improvements + $75,000 art grants + $1,850,000 Athletic Tax = Load of Crap!! If they really want to reform the arts and beautify that school they would drop all sports and use the money to fund the academic programs they just dropped...this would immediately clean up the schools image because the students wouldn't have to look at the steaming pile every weekend that they call a football team!!!

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