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August 12, 2011


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Sports Talk radio hosts are rarely the most intellectual men. Mr. Wilson should have expected that these towers of tact would bust on IU footballs lack of success. Coach Wilson now has the perfect "bulletin board" material for his tem and demonstrated a bulldog attitude that should inspire his team.

Dan Ahrens

Wow, I understand that you guys have a radio show to do but this makes me want to cheer for IU football. It's nice to see a guy(coach) stand up for his guys and the university and speak the truth. And then you guys hang up on him and act like you're all bad...very interesting. Hope nobody cracks jokes at or about your family/loved ones/friends and then tells you to chill out and that they don't like your attitude. What makes media people think that the only way to be known is to disrespect everything that someone else stands for? Think about it. With all due respect to you guys and your profession but I'm a little disappointed.


Weak sauce from Zakk and Jack. I'm now an IU and Kevin Wilson fan. Z & J should have apologized and continued with the interview. "Sorry coach, I think you misunderstood our intentions. We understand where you're coming from. What do you see as the biggest challenges this year for your team?"

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