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October 17, 2011


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who are you?

Lucious Allen

STFU, it's football, this is a game for men, not pussies.


When Michigan punches a player it's physical play, when big bad Michigan gets some dirty play given back, then rules have to change and players need to sit. Same old Big Ten.


Good god. Michigan fans are the biggest pussies. Your team gets beaten up and now you whine that the bad men hit you too hard. Those clips are a lot better when you watch them in context. Like Gholston getting his head pushed down to the ground by Lewan or realizing that Lewan was holding Gholston that caused that weird angle that they fell down at. Hypocrites and pussies. That's a Michigan fan.


Those are not the only instances of Gholston's thuggery....

He should have been ejected and while sitting out the 1st half of the next game he could have time to think about it.

That behavior has no place in the game and just for the record I couldn't care less about either team.

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