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November 25, 2011


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So how much did he pay into Oregon's tax revenue?
Is there a problem with student's learning sign language, and why in the hell does a university have a foreign language requirement anyway?
Is there a real story here or just trying to stir the pot?


Chill, Robert. The sign language mention is just a mention of ironic humor given that Oregon fans make the "O" sign at games in support of their team but in ASL just happen to be shouting vagina. As far as Belotti's pension is concerned, some of us find this kind of stuff interesting. Keep up the good work Jay, and throw some Reporter's Notebooks our way some time soon!

Gordie S.

Who cares how much in taxes Bellotti paid. What I care about is the fact that the state is on the line for almost $1 million a year thanks to the boosters like Nike's Phil Knight and the fat-cat alums. They put up the money to enhance Bellotti's annual salary to the $2 million level. That move guaranteed him the big pension of which they don't pay a penny. Boosters who argue that state money is not used to pay coaches are dead wrong. It might not happen while they are coaching but the state is on the hook for the pension -- not the boosters or the fat cats.
And 29 football players including LaCriminal James in a course sounds like basket-weaving.

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