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December 01, 2011


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Alabama lost to LSU, Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State.

.....Sorry Mr. LA Times writer but that's why Alabama gets to play for the National Championship.

Hans Gruber

I agree with T-Bone. Also, the situations aren't the same when you look deeper. True, Michigan did lose to Ohio St by only 3 points, but Michigan scored a late TD to make it look close. Ohio State handled them all game and Michigan was barely staying in the game the whole way. The feeling was that Ohio St was the better team and would just beat them again.

However, in the Bama-LSU game, it went into OT and no TD's were scored. No one really dominated, but Bama actually had more chances to win that game, missing several field goals. Yet they lost. No clear winner in that game.

Personally, even though the consensus on that game was that it was a dud, I loved it. The defense was great and the strategy going back and forth was fun to watch. Every point and yard counted in that game. It was refreshing to see defense. As much as I like Mike Gundy as a person, a great coach to play for, his team doesn't play defense. They would get beaten by either LSU or Bama.

Bo Darville

I don't think LSU should have double jeopardy against Alabama. Let somebody else take a shot at them.

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