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January 13, 2012


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Thank you for reporting this. I have personal experience with larger media outlets outright stealing my stories without giving credit. It's wrong, ethically repugnant and should be stopped. Thank you for sticking your neck out for us. ESPN should hire better reporters who can break stories. I don't buy their make-believe excuse. Please stay on this and post their next ripped off story. It'll be soon.



Yes, very good job of exposing those four-letter network people for once again using another reporter's/broadcaster's scoop and presenting it as their own story. I guess they think the story is not really official until they use it. It's a bush-league move.


wiz is the best

Bob Stevens

Don't think we should paint Dean Blevins as a saint here. Several years ago he goaded Bob Stoops into telling him whether or not he was going to Florida by reporting he was leaving, when in fact he wasn't. Forcing Stoops to call Blevins and tell him the real story. While he may have a few moles inside the OU program folks locally here always joke about his "sources". The real scoops come from the Tulsa World or the Oklahoman, but rarely Blevins.

On another note I don't rely on Joe Schad for my scoop on college football because he's proven time and again he has zero credibility. This type of "reporting" has turned me off to him and ESPN.


Tip to Josh:

Never start an e-mail, letter, memo or any other professional correspondence with "First of all." You're supposed to be the WWL, not the WWE.

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