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July 18, 2012


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Brian McCormack

Another possibility is that the playoff has one team that goes 13-0 in the regular season facing off against three 9-4 teams.

March Madness is preceded by December/January/February Filler Games.


Who was behind all the clamoring for a playoff? The fans, ESPN's talking head morons, some politicians from Utah and Obama to name a few. So direct your complaints to them, they wanted it and they got it.

You sound like that buffoon Dan Wetzel blaming "big money". College sports are popular, therefore there is money. Arena Football isn't popular, guess what...no money.

Hans Gruber

I don't buy the argument that fans will become disinterested in the regular season. There are only 12 games, as opposed to college basketball's 30. Evey game is huge, and several of each team's games are big games and/or rivalries. It's a ritual every Saturday in the Fall. And it is a religion in the South. Tailgating. An excuse for friends and family to get together. Too traditional.


This argument is unfounded and misinformed. College football consists of 12 regular season games for each team played on average once per week. Even if the playoffs were increased to 8 games...it will not diminish the regular season. When you have 30 to 35 regular season college basketball games...the tendency is to highlight a few key matchups and dismiss the rest unless it's your team.

The 2012 final BCS standings used as an example of how teams would have been chosen last year is misleading. With a committee and criteria yet to be determined...there's no way anyone can say with certainty that Stanford would have been given a playoff spot.

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