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January 17, 2013


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Pretty sure he is gay, too many holes in his story. If he comes out of the closet than I think people should just shut the hell up and let him be gay. The NFL better not hold it against him, also if someone in locker room is obnoxious to him, he better just kick their ass and his teammates better have his back. Who cares if he is gay? Just because he may be gay doesn't mean he wants to date any of them anyways.

Not a hater

If he turns out to be gay, that doesn't excuse the chronic lying. He would still be complete scumbag for becoming the new Balloon Boy. Was his father, who talked to the press about the girlfriend many times, in on it, too?


He probably lied to his dad to cover up first, so I doubt his dad is in on this.

Then when his family want to see the dream girl he can't produce, he just 'kill' her off.


If he made this whole thing up to try and win the Heisman he is one sick individual.

If he is a closeted gay man who was raised in a homophobic church, and is playing football at a University affiliated with another homophobic church, and was afraid that if anyone found he was gay his parents would disown him, the church would excommunicate him, he would be kicked off the team or out of Notre Dame, and would never not have a chance in the NFL it is totally understandable.

The fake girlfriend had to die because he knew that if he won the Heisman people were going to be looking for her wanting interviews. If the girlfriend died a particularly tragic death he figured he would get a pass from sportscasters asking why he wasn't dating anyone. They all would know the tragic story of how the love of his life had died and they wouldn't go there. If he wasn't dating they would just assume he still hadn't gotten over the dead girl yet.

As a closeted gay man living in the Bible Belt I sometimes felt like I was working undercover for the CIA when I was in my teens and twenties. I was always telling everyone my girlfriend couldn't make it to the social events I showed up to dateless, because she was sick, had to work, got stuck in traffic on the freeway, had to take her mom to the doctor, had to babysit her nephew, etc., etc., etc.

I am just an average Joe and I can't imagine how much harder it would been had I been in the national spotlight back when I was in college.


He's not gay. Move on Outsports.

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