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December 29, 2009


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typical crap from rich, spoiled kids and parents. You can see the fathers ego anytime he is on espn.

unfortunatley, Leach's ego and truth will get him fired for this one.


It appears Jay wants to be teabagged by Craig James.


So standing in a shed is the equivalent of torture now? What a stupid headline.


Can't you people see what is happening here?
Craig James is pissed because baby James can't get enough playing time...(Look at his stats...he isn't that good)
daddy wants him to go to SMU to play and this is his way to get there... Leach like most football coaches make the injured be at practice and the games whether they can participate or not... He wasn't in a shed... it was an equipment garage that was empty, had a/c and an ice machine... nice quite dark place since the light was hurting baby James eyes...but still close to he practice field. The other room is a media room used for interviews after games... not a small electrical closet... Wow, it will be a sad day if Leach looses his job over this...Wake UP TTU..you need to Fire Gerald Meyers..he has never liked Leach.. and he sees his revenge opportunity.

Will Smithrock

Why the salacious headline of "It appears Leach would be right at home at Gitmo" ? As the facts are coming out, the motives are Craig James little league dad mentality, a whiny kid who isn't getting playing time, and Texas Tech looking to save themselves a boatload of money by unloading Leach and charting a new course of direction with their program. It's pretty clear that Leach is the victim here and I'm glad he didn't sign the letter of apology the TT administration pushed on him.

Nancy J

My daughter graduated from Tech In 2000, my son in law in 2001. We backed Tech football in the lean, pre-Leach years, with the fans yelling "Score, defense, score." Do we really want to go back to that? Meyers hit a basketball player and was made Athletic Director--is standing in a room worse than physical contact?? I don't think so!!

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